Colonial Tree Service Inc. has been a local family-owned-and-operated business since 1995

About Us

We’ve come a long way since our first days in Horsham, doing small tree and landscape jobs in the neighborhood where we grew up. Like many companies we’ve seen good and bad times, and we’ve learned from our mistakes and we’re better because of them. In the early days we quickly saw that most companies would go out of business for many reasons, but the two most common ones were always safety and customer service. We decided from that point on, we were going to excel in the areas where other companies fell short.

You can ask any of our customers what our best qualities are and they’re likely to list the same things.

Truck-mounted crane


Every year hundreds of workers in the Tree Industry are severely injured or killed.  Millions of dollars in property damage claims are also filed because, unskilled inexperienced companies promise good work for unbelievably low prices, and then have accidents on the job which cost you money.

At Colonial Tree Service we use a combination of highly trained and skilled employees, state-of-the-art equipment and proven tree removal and pruning methods to ensure that safety is our number 1 priority on every job.

Customer Service

Any company can talk about how low their prices are, but what kind of work will you get for that low price?  Will they show up when promised?  Will they leave big holes or tire marks in your lawn?  Will they drop big limbs from high in the air that damage and destroy your landscape?  Will they trim all the limbs they said they would?  Will they grind all the roots or grind the stump as deep as they said they would?

When you choose Colonial Tree Service to remove or prune your trees, cut back broken limbs and branches or grind your stumps, you can be certain the job will be done right the first time.  More importantly – if there ever is a concern, we will address and correct it very quickly to assure your complete satisfaction.

Colonial makes it easy to decide which tree service company, should be working on your property!

Matt Rossi

In the early 90’s as a teenager, Matt knew he wanted to work outside with his hands.  His strong work ethic developed by doing small jobs for the neighbors where he lived.  In 1995 Matt officially founded Colonial Tree and Landscaping.  With an overwelming desire to work outside Matt knew he found his calling.  In order to grow Colonial Tree Service into the industry leading titan it has become, he decided in 1998 to discontinue the landscape division and focus solely on the Tree Industry.

 Matt wears many hats at Colonial everyday.  You can find him operating heavy equipment on a large land clearing job, maintaining our trucks and equipment or building something new. When he’s not working you can find him on the beach or fishing with his 5 year old twins Caden and Nina in Brigantine.   

Carl Rossi

Carl developed a passion for the Tree Industry a few years after his older brother Matt.  At 17 years old Carl started working with a local tree company to learn the trade, as his brother Matt established what was then called Colonial Tree and Landscaping.  He joined Matt at Colonial in 1998 when he was 20 years old.  

Even after over 20 years, Carl still has a strong passion to work outside high above the ground.  To this day you can still find him climbing trees on a job, or evaluating the condition of trees at your house.  When he’s not at work you can find Carl surfing in Brigantine or hunting in Canada.    

Jim Cligget

Jim is the brother in-law of Matt and Carl.  He joined Colonial Tree at 30 years old in 1999.  Jim is a Certified Arborist who has the experience and knowledge to properly evaluate your trees.  Jim spends his days not only meeting with homeowners to look at their trees, but also in the office keeping Colonial operating efficiently.

When he is not working, Jim is spending time with his wife Mariana, and their four kids Tyler, Haley, Emily and Kennedy.  They are often attending the kids sporting events or swimming and surfing in the ocean. 

Bruce Ross

Bruce is the Operations Manager at Colonial.  Bruce grew up and went to school with Matt and Carl.  He started with Colonial in 1996, and will be celebrating his 20 year anniversary in April.  Bruce has experience in every facet of the daily operations, and there isn’t a piece of equipment he can not operate.  He typically operates our 50 ton crane and tracked skid steers during the day.

When he’s not at work you can find him spending time with his wife Jess and their two kids Paige (10) and Chase (8).  They are an outdoors family that loves anything sports related.  


Remove that unsafe tree before it’s too late.