The Complete Expert Tree Service!

Remove that unsafe tree before it’s too late.

  • 28 Years In Business (Est. 1995)
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Emergency Service
  • Certified Arborist
  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • Land Clearing and Maintenance
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Expert Equipment Operators
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Snow Removal

Servicing Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Deleware, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

Why Choose Colonial Tree?

At first glance all tree service companies may seem equal. All companies will say things like certified arborist, 24 hour emergency work and fully insured. However, being like everyone else has never been good enough for Colonial Tree Service. We combine state-of-the-art equipment and our staff of highly trained employees, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, so we can exceed customer expectations while still providing a very competitive price.
Property Protection
Our crews are trained to leave your property in the same, if not better, condition as it was when they got there.  They are able to achieve this by avoiding things like…

  • Breaking concrete or asphalt
  • Damage to your lawn
  • Dropping limbs on plants or structures
28 years in Business
In 2015 we reached a major milestone, by accomplishing something most companies never do.  It’s no surprise how we’ve been able to reach such an impressive milestone.  Ask any of our customers and they’ll say the same thing.  The process and techniques we use enable us to offer competitive prices while getting the done quickly and safely.

We are Accident Free
The Tree Care Industry has been named one of the top 5 most dangerous professions. Everyday workers around the US are killed or severley injured, and customers suffer millions of dollars in property damage. Make sure the company working on your property is a safe one. Ask the right questions and perform a quick internet search on them.

Every year hundreds of workers in the Tree Industry are severely injured or killed.  Millions of dollars in property damage claims are also filed because, unskilled inexperienced companies promise good work for unbelievably low prices, and then have accidents on the job which cost you money. At Colonial Tree Service we use a combination of highly trained and skilled employees, state-of-the-art equipment and proven tree removal and pruning methods to ensure that safety is our number 1 priority on every job.

Customer Service
Any company can talk about how low their prices are, but what kind of work will you get for that low price?  Will they show up when promised?  Will they leave big holes or tire marks in your lawn?  Will they drop big limbs from high in the air that damage and destroy your landscape?  Will they trim all the limbs they said they would?  Will they grind all the roots or grind the stump as deep as they said they would?

When you choose Colonial Tree Service to remove or prune your trees, cut back broken limbs and branches or grind your stumps, you can be certain the job will be done right the first time.  More importantly – if there ever is a concern, we will address and correct it very quickly to assure your complete satisfaction.
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Southampton, PA 18966